Video: Gene Kelly Tribute on PBS’s “A Capitol Fourth”

Gene Kelly Tribute, A Capitol Fourth 2012, PBSFor those who missed the Gene Kelly centennial tribute on PBS’s annual July 4 program, “A Capitol Fourth,” someone by the name of Awesome Artists Live has been gracious enough to upload it to YouTube.

I thought I’d also include here some of the tweets from those who watched the program live (my favorites from @HerbCarmen and @buckle2). So many Gene Kelly fans around the country…

  • @videosawyer: Is it weird to do a tribute to Gene Kelly with no dancing in it ? Yes. Yes it is. But they did it anyway.
  • @clairegeldart: The salut to Gene Kelly?! Could this be a better 4th of July special?! I don’t think so.
  • @matthewphilbin: The National Symphony Orchestra’s tribute to Gene Kelly was fantastic. #Cap4thPBS
  • @Eddiecantor67: Tribute to Gene Kelly is s’wonderful! #capital4thpbs
  • @yasmineelsabawi: The Gene Kelly tribute at #capitalfourth is gold. I have a real appreciation for orchestral music (and showtunes!)
  • @hellodisney: Loving the Gene Kelly tribute for his 100th Bday on the Capitol 4th!
  • @dashthecrux: Ahhh GENE KELLY MONTAGE!!!
  • @KylaMJohnson: Watching Capital 4th. Now I want to watch gene Kelly movies and West Side Story!
  • @HerbCarmen Thank you, Gene Kelly, for signing the Delcaration of Independence. #Cap4thPBS
  • @taylorleewest: For the record, I’m a HUGE Gene Kelly fan. Love that #Cap4thPBS has a tribute to him tonight.
  • @buckle2: Gene Kelly would have been 100 this year…and probably would still out dance everybody on the planet.

Before you click play, please note: the selected footage (from On the Town especially) is of horrible quality — and, yes, it looked even worse on HD television.


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