Reviews for Dancing: A Man’s Game

The reviews for Gene Kelly’s Dancing: A Man’s Game (now on DVD) are slowly coming in. So far, the results are positive:

Upcoming “Kelly was 46 when he did this TV special (his first) and his best films were behind him. Still, the most thrilling parts of  Man’s Game involve Kelly taking a seemingly mundane sporting motion — a tennis backhand, a basketball player pivoting on one foot, a slide into home plate — and casually turning it into a mind-blowing dance.”

DVD Talk: “It’s a fascinating program, and should be of particular interest to aficionados of classic musicals. It could also be used as a good primer to sway those prejudiced against the genre. There is no more convincing advocate for the form than Gene Kelly, and credit to Omnibus for allowing him the use of their extraordinary platform.”

Edge NY: “Kelly dances his way into and out of the program with his famous panache. His charm overwhelms the screen and it is easy to see why he became such a household name. This DVD is a treat for any Kelly fan, musical enthusiast or history buff.”

The Edge NY critic, Kitty Drexel, (rightly) offers a “warning to the more sensitive viewer” who, while watching, may not recall that Dancing: A Man’s Game was produced and aired in late 1950s America. As a result, bits of the production, she reminds, may come across as homophobic, sexist, and racist.

Have you bought Dancing: A Man’s Game yet? If so, what did you think?



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