Gene Kelly: Still Standing (Video)

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Whenever I hear “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John, my mood is completely lifted — I feel happy, full of life, and occasionally, in the mood to get up and dance.

I get this very same feeling when I watch Gene Kelly on screen. No matter what role he played, he set the screen on fire with his choreography and dancing. His singing voice was soft and beautiful. And his acting — although never talked of in comparison to his dancing — was always brilliant. If the moment demanded pathos, he gave it with more realism than many of his contemporaries. If the moment demanded romance, he made you wish you were the woman he was swooning. And if the moment demanded comedy, then he delivered those lines with perfect timing.

I’ve always wanted to make a tribute to Gene. I cannot get over the talent this man possessed. He literally transformed the musical into a genre even bigger than Hollywood could have ever imagined it to be. Not just with his choreography, but his skills as a director meant that he revolutionised how musicals were filmed. Not to mention the fact that the Paris Opera Ballet invited him to choreograph one of their upcoming shows. For a Hollywood star, this is a truly outstanding achievement. His talents were never-ending.

He truly was a genius. I cannot think of an actor or performer who brought more vibrancy, energy, or fun to the screen than Gene Kelly.

I hope you enjoy this tribute and that it brightens your day.

Music used:
“I’m Still Standing” by Elton John
“PM’s Love Theme” by Craig Armstrong (from the Love Actually soundtrack)

Films included:
An American In Paris
Singin’ In The Rain
Anchors Aweigh
On The Town
The Three Musketeers
For Me And My Gal
Cover Girl


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