Forgotten Christmas Movies (1940s)

Annette Smith of HubPages has compiled a list of nine lesser-known Christmas movies from the 1940s. Among the “forgotten” films mentioned (e.g., Penny Serenade, I’ll Be Seeing You, Holiday Affair) is Christmas Holiday (1944), a film noir featuring Deanna Durbin and Gene Kelly. (We’ve posted more about the noir here.)

As most GK fans know, Christmas Holiday is hard to find for rent or purchase, but Smith claims the movie is available for download on some Internet sites.

Oddly, also included in Smith’s collection is Vincente Minnelli’s Meet Me in St. Louis, a musical that arguably doesn’t fit in this collection of “lesser-known films from the 1940s.” While some people today may not realize that the song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” comes from this Garland vehicle, the film is widely known, studied in film classes (mine included) and revered within the gay community. (Read more about the song here.)


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