“Bye Bye, Gene”: Love Song from a 10-Year-Old Fan

“I was a measly eight year old when Gene Kelly passed away; it was absolutely heartbreaking that I would never get the chance to meet him in person. I wrote this song about the whole situation the very day he died entitled ‘Bye Bye Gene,’ which I performed in a showcase two years later (seen here). It was a major moment in my young life; it was as if someone in my own family had died. At least the movies Kelly made would last forever and I would always be able to remember him in that way. Each and every magical film inspires me to keep working toward my own goal of being a successful performer. […] I am now in LA and going to NYC on my journey towards being solely a performer on stage rather than entertaining in my spare time or working behind the scenes. I want this so bad I cannot even explain words would just not do my passion justice. I am determined to give this my best shot and when I decide to do something I never give up. I got my feisty determination straight from my father and his Italian blood but also in a roundabout way from Gene Kelly. I hope I get the chance to make them both proud.” — Christi Colombo.


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