Love, Twitter: Thank You, God, for Giving us Gene Kelly (in Short Shorts)

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To end your week, we’ve rounded up ten more fun Gene-related tweets. Special thanks to fashion guru Carson Kressley for tweeting the pic of the An American in Paris poster!

  • @annecayer To the girls who talked through every Gene Kelly dance sequence: you’re the reason we can’t have nice movies anymore and why Ke$ha is famous
  • @jaks8373 Gene Kelly was one fine specimen of manhood.
  • @localnotail Gene Kelly just put his arm around Frank Sinatra & told him that he loved him while they were both in sailors uniforms. #DifferentTimes
  • @CarsonKressley Can’t do better than the look of gene kelly from an american in paris
  • @ChrisVanPatten When I grow up, I want to be Gene Kelly.
  • @archelina Just showed Child the magic that is Gene Kelly up a lamp post and all she could say was ‘that’s a bit dangerous’ #disowned
  • @nxlee Thank you God for giving us Gene Kelly… in short shorts. #thepirate
  • @AuddieP Oh is football happening? I was distracted by the Gene Kelly movie in my DVR…
  • @SaulRosenbear Gene Kelly drives a white MGB in this movie. Hell yes.
  • @MiloWakelin Saw An American in Paris at the #BFI. Now my date wants to be A Londoner in Gene Kelly. Me? I’m just happy the rich chick was called Milo…


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