Love, Twitter: WANTED: Man To Watch Gene Kelly Movies in Bed

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Get ready. Here’s another dose of good Gene-related tweets:

  • @MindySuuuprise I want a man who will watch Gene Kelly movies with me in bed on Sunday afternoons. #ishoulddatehomos
  • @JensDietrich This ‘Gene Kelly is getting a new wardrobe’ montage is literally one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. #Xanadu
  • @homeofpolar Yes. Woman at bus stop just asked if I thought I was Gene Kelly as I skipped and splashed past. This bodes well. Let stormy clouds chase!…
  • @Zombittack As a general rule of thumb, I don’t trust people who wear fedoras who aren’t from the 1930’s (Gene Kelly gets a free pass).
  • @AnaziaPotee I still need James Dean, Marlon Brando, Gene Kelly and Doris Day posters for my dorm room.
  • @Fatheffalump Oh Gene Kelly, I do have indecent thoughts about you.
  • @elegantedda Been having one of those days when nothing that comes over on my iPod is appealing…and then I landed on Gene Kelly. He’s always appealing.
  • @vociferateforme I hate ‘Dancing With The Stars’. The only way I’d ever watch a full episode would be if Gene Kelly rose from the grave and starred on it.
  • @adwebbow I like the Gene Kelly films for the style, the painted backdrops and the minimal use of CGI.
  • @adwebbow And the weird way that Gene Kelly always looks kinda modern.


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