Love, Twitter: Four-Letter Word Version

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Brace yourselves! More good (and naughty) Gene-related tweets coming up…

  • @pennywhistle Holy fuck, Gene Kelly is talented.
  • @farahsaysso Oh Fred Astaire, I’m cheating on you with Gene Kelly. Keep your Top Hat, I want to Sing in the Rain.
  • @paulbullock Shirley MacLaine doing a song and dance routine with Gene Kelly? Yes please! No better way to spend a Saturday lunchtime
  • @SirJayCicala Gene Kelly “Three Musketeers” > any version after
  • @Coops_tv Gene Kelly brought so much athleticism to his dancing. But do check out some of the black dancers of the era – like The Nicholas brothers
  • @janinebrito I’m gayer than a Gene Kelly musical. #nationalcomingoutday
  • @JabberingandJam A Gene Kelly and Clark Kent hybrid. An all singing, all dancing Superhero. #couldhappen
  • @brandonwrites Is it just me or does Jean Dujardin look exactly like Gene Kelly? I can’t wait to see “The Artist” by the way. It looks amazing!
  • @_grandhotel Gene Kelly will TAP DANCE ALL OVER YOUR ASS and not break a sweat once! #ThatsEntertainment
  • @_grandhotel No fucks to give, I have fantasized about sex with #GeneKelly . I imagine him as very versatile & fantastic at it. #thisiswhyiwilldiealone


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  • Kelly

    And still another thinks Jean Dujardin looks like Gene. We're onto something here.

    And I'm totally in favor of a Gene-Superman hybrid!

  • Bridget

    I see a resemblance with Jean Dujardin but that's all. Whenever I see Ben Affleck I'm reminded of Gene although he's not a spitting image. It's more of an impression I get.