An Evening with Gene Kelly: Pontiac Star Parade

Those familiar with the NBC Pontiac Star Parade TV special featuring Gene, Donald O’Connor, and Carol Lawrence will appreciate these photos from behind the scenes. The photographer briefly reminisces over that day here, and those that are interested in watching the completed number can find the YouTube video here.


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  • What a wonderful set of pics. Thanks, Kelly. I am constantly amazed by the number of photographs of Gene. New ones seem to turn up almost every day. Poor chap must have grown sick and tired of the sight of a camera lens ogling at him. But I am very grateful nonetheless.
    The Spanish dance is amazing, considering Gene was 47 at that time.There is a short dance in this show which is one of my favourite ever Gene numbers, Ballin’The Jack. It is very simple with, I think, only one cut, but very engaging. And Gene shows his great flair for comedy in someof the numbers. He and Donald make a great pair, I wish they could have worked together more.

  • Yes, thanks, Kelly, for posting! I’m with Sue: “Ballin the Jack” is one of my favorites of his later work as well.

  • Jennifer Welsh

    I’m with you all, too – I love that version of “Ballin’ the Jack,” even if the musical arrangement is in slightly questionable taste. Gene is in fine form.

    These pictures are fantastic. I especially like the one that shows up fourth here – where Gene has a hat across his midsection. Classic casual Kelly. He looks relaxed and refined at the same time (“like a guy on your bowling team, only classier” – Bob Fosse).

  • Kelly

    Now if we only could see the number following the “Caballero Gene Kelly.” The first two photos here should be from that one, as far as I can tell.