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Why We Love MGM Musicals

For my second post here on Gene Kelly Fans, I present to you a list of reasons why I think people love …

Get Thyself to Glasgow, STAT!

First, BFI Southbank offered a musical festival featuring various MGM musicals. Now, the 2012 Glasgow Film Festival will celebrate Gene’s Centennial with …

An American In Paris, A Brit In Heaven

On 2nd November I made a flying visit to London, to the British Film Institute, to hear Leslie Caron talk about her career and to see a newly restored print of An American In Paris (Vincente Minnelli, 1951). I am back home now but still on quite another planet. I was totally stunned by AAIP on the big screen. I am not usually lost for words but I don’t really know how to describe it. I’ll try below.

Why I Love Musicals (from Time Out Film)

Time Out London columnist Mark Cousins on the “sweet-sourness, male-femaleness, gay-straightness, and form-contentness” of the American film musical — and a few …