For Sale! Vest from Singin’ in the Rain

[Update 7/09/11: The owner will be holding onto the vest and will not be selling it until at least January 2012.]

[Update 6/28/11: See below pics of the vest!]

Last week, we received an exciting email from Marc, a fellow classical Hollywood fan who owns a vest Gene Kelly once wore in an MGM picture. (We’re still trying to identify the exact film.)

As you can tell from the pictures below, the formal vest is dark, with three large gold buttons, a silk back, and an adjustment tie at the bottom. Most significant, an original MGM tag features Gene’s name and a wardrobe number.

“How did Marc acquire Gene’s vest?” you might ask. In his words,

“In 1970, MGM was short on cash and held a well-publicized auction that included such items as the red slippers from Wizard of Oz. Less-publicized was a huge, week-long wardrobe sale that took place on a pair of sound stages on the Culver City lot. I attended, scouting for labels with stars’ names. I came across a bathing suit with Esther Williams’ name, but it was ripped up and of little value. Then, I found a pair of gold satin pants that Harpo Marx wore (I paid $1.00 for them and then sold them years ago for a nice sum). Finally, I came across this vest. First thing I noticed when I brought it home was how small it was (Gene was reportedly around 5’7″ or 5’8″). So, I couldn’t wear it to impress anyone.”

If you’re interested in purchasing the vest or learning more about it, please feel free to contact Marc at

Exciting Update (6/28/11)

I just received word from Marc who found someone to match the production number on the label to the master MGM production list. Here’s the (very cool!) email he received:

The number is from Singin’ In The Rain. Looks like a tux vest and probably worn in scene where Jean Hagen gets hit with a pie.

So now, who’s ready to whip out his/her wallet???


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  • Jennifer Welsh

    I was right! *pumps arm in manner of victorious hockey player*

  • Kelly

    I was pretty convinced it wasn't from SITR. Oh, how I want it!

  • Yeah, both Debra and I thought it was from SITR as well. =) *pumping arm with you*

  • That's pretty awesome… Nice to know what movie it's from!


  • Jessica

    Hey, my names Jessica, and i was wondering if you still have that Gene Kelly vest for sale. If you do, How much is it?

  • Hi, Jessica. Please contact Marc re: the vest; his email address in the post above. Thanks!!

  • Jessica

    I did 😛

    • If he hasn’t responded, then he might still be working with some people in Los Angeles about pricing, etc.

  • Jessica

    Ok,thats cool 🙂

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