Cease and Desist

I recently came across this cease-and-desist letter from the Gene Kelly Image Trust concerning of a photo of Gene Kelly that was being sold on eBay.




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  • sparkyaim

    Any idea what the photo was? There is a ton of stuff for sale with his image.

  • Yeah, click "sold on eBay." That takes you to the image. =)

  • jlwelsh

    So a person who happens to have an old photograph of Gene isn't allowed to sell it on eBay, because it features his likeness? What about the Time for One More Dance book – is that illegal because Gene is in it? What if I sell my entire DVD collection of The Muppet Show, in which Gene happens to appear? Where is the legal line drawn? This puzzles me exceedingly. I'm all for Gene's trust having a right to decide how someone makes pots of money off of his image, but a penny ante little photo here and there hardly seems worth the trouble.

  • I'm not sure what's going on with this letter. It popped up in my "Gene Kelly" Google alerts one day, and I just found it interesting, if not troubling. Tried to do a bit more research on it, but could find nothing…