Debbie Reynolds Auction: The Results

Debbie Reynolds’s Hollywood memorabilia auction closed today. Here’s a blurb from Profiles in History, which put on the event:

The Debbie Reynolds Collection is deemed to be the most significant collection of Hollywood costumes and props since the liquidation of the MGM and FOX studios in the 1970’s. The entire collection contains over 3,500 costumes, 20,000 original photographs, several thousand original movie posters, original costume sketches and hundreds of key props from film history.

And now, without further ado, here are the figures from the Gene Kelly- and Singin’ in the Rain-related pieces. The total: $146,050.

Navy sailor’s uniform and cap from Anchors Aweigh: $27,500

“Fit As a Fiddle” suit/shoes (Singin in the Rain): $14,000

Cyd Charisse’s Ivory Dress from Singin’ in the Rain: $7,000

Pewter brocade period jacket, pantaloons and shoes (Singin’ in the Rain): $9,000

Pink sportscoat from the “Gotta Dance” number (Singin in the Rain): $6,500

Dora Bailey costume from Singin’ in the Rain: $550.00

Debbie Reynolds sleeveless dress from Singin in the Rain: $15,000

Lina Lamont camel coat with monkey-fur collar from Singin’ in the Rain: $6,000

Kathy Seldon flapper dress from “Good Mornin'” (Singin’ in the Rain): $27,500

Lina Lamont, gold lace over pink satin period gown from Singin’ in the Rain: $5,500

Leslie Caron’s peacock-feathered dress (An American in Paris): $15,000

D’Artagnan cape, pantaloons, (2) shirts and boots (The Three Musketeers): $7,000


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  • If I was rich I SO would've bought the Anchors Aweigh outfit… RT @GeneKellyFans Debbie Reynolds’s Auction: The Figures

  • Marye

    How sad for Debbie that she had to sell these incredible collections…. I hope they went to people who will love and appreciate them….

    By the way, you know why the three musketeers costume didn't include the hat? Because I've owned it for 12 years! I also have the vest he wore in the good morning scene among other pieces…

  • Hi, Marye

    Re: Gene's hat, vest, etc., that's fantastic! Any pics?!

    Re: whom the memorabilia went to, see Anne Thompson: "Now the collection of memorabilia has been broken up via some record sales; many of the valuable pieces of Tinseltown history went to Saudi Arabia and Japan." More here:

    Thanks for stopping by! And again, pics?? =)

  • Blog commenter owns Gene's vest from the "Good Mornin" number and hat from THE THREE MUSKETEERS: #HopingForPics

  • Marye

    I will take pics to show you, is there a way to post them here for you?

  • You're more than welcome to sign up as a contributor to the site; that way, you could post the pics yourself (and anything else you'd like to):… (I can send you more detailed directions re: posting via email.)

    Or you could send them to me via the Contact page, and I could post them:

    Thanks, Marye!

  • Mvb2717

    Okay, Kelli, yes I do need some more instructions, I'm doing this from my phone and I have the pics on my phone, I'm registered now and is there any way to just upload the pics from my phone? Lol…