To Find Help: Gene Kelly on the Radio

“I never thought I would say this, but Gene scared the hell out of me!! He was creepy, weird, unhinged, menacing, psychotic, but at the same time eliciting sympathy.” — AuntSuzy

A radio program starring Ethel Barrymore and Gene Kelly, “To Find Help” (1949) is a “World War II era cautionary tale about an older woman who hires a young man to do some handywork around her house. She doesn’t know the man well, but help is hard to find because of the war. She doesn’t see any reason to worry because he seems so meek.” Ultimately, the man has “something wrong with his mind.”

According to Escape and Suspense! in 1945, Frank Sinatra played the lead male role alongside Agnes Moorehead, and in 1952, Hollywood based a film on the story, Beware, My Lovely starring Ida Lupino and Robert Ryan.

Image of Kelly/Barrymore and quote above from “I Heard It On the Radio” on Gene Kelly: Creative Genius.


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