Share Your Experience with Singin’ in the Rain (on the Big Screen)

Gotta dance!

Are you one of the lucky people who scored a ticket to the 60th anniversary screening of Singin’ in the Rain? If so, share with us your experience — no more than 200 words, please.

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  • brianhawks1

    I saw it 60 years ago today – opening day matinee – at Shea’s Buffalo in downtown Buffalo, NY. Loved it then – loved it now.

    • Thanks for sharing, Brian! Just responded via your email… 🙂

  • Julia Pheifer

    Tonight, my family saw “Singin’ in the Rain” on the big screen. It opened with TCM’s Robert Osborne giving context to the movie and interviewing Debbie Reynolds. What a treat she is!

    We enjoyed the familiar songs and jokes, but seeing it larger and brighter gave new meaning to scenes that I, frankly, fast forward through. I like the “hoofing,” as Reynolds called it but I find the soundstage dance sequences tedious. Seeing those scenes big, bright and spectacular conveyed to me the message that Kelly may have wished to impart: There is joy and artistry, color and drama in dance. And perhaps it can be seen in a way that does more than further the plot. I don’t think I ever would have “gotten it” had I not seen it on a screen bigger than 27 inches.

    Seeing all the details in the scenes we love was just delightful–from Gene Kelly’s wonderful profile to Donald O’Connor lovely light blue eyes to the eye-poppingly bright costumes. It’s hard to think of the ‘20s being “bright,” but this was the ‘20s through the prism of the ‘50s. I wish more of the oldies could visit us at our local theatres.

  • Aly

    Such a big crowd; tons of laughing, clapping, and lusting over Gene Kelly and his moves!

  • DebraGene

    Went to see Singin’ in the Rain on the big screen tonight. Wonderful! Audience clapped after every number. I saw two little girls about 6 and 7 years old as I was leaving the theater and asked “Did you like the movie?” “We loved it!” they said. Then in the parking lot I saw and heard two teen girls — skipping and singing the title song as I was making my way to the car. Joyful entertainment!

  • Thanks, all. You’re also featured over here: