Gene Kelly and Bruce Lee (vs. Fred Astaire)

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Bruce Lee and Gene Kelly, “not quite dance and not quite violence.”

In her essay “Punchin’ in the Rain,” Violet Glaze compares Gene Kelly and Bruce Lee — both of whom, the author writes, are “small, powerfully built men, each five foot seven inches of hard-earned muscle, […] incredibly competitive, natural athletes with an insatiable thirst for exertion, and blessed with the kind of charisma […] that transfers easily to celluloid.” Indeed.

Glaze then contrasts the two stars with Fred Astaire, whose weightlessness, she delightfully points out, is most certainly “unrivaled by anything NASA can cook up.” However, what Astaire lacks that both Lee and Kelly share, Glaze claims, is “unadulterated power.”

I’ll quit summarizing now and let you read the post. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Is this an apt comparison between the two/three stars?


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