Hef, Do You Like Gene Kelly Movies?

I find this recent Twitter exchange between Nona W., Hugh Hefner, and Patricia Ward Kelly problematic for at least two reasons, but I will keep those to myself. =)


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    I would suppose Hugh Hefner has his positive attributes, but there are negative associations to be considered when placing Gene's name next to that of the Playboy founder.

    What else can this fangirl say?

  • "Hugh Hefner, do you like Gene Kelly movies?": http://tinyurl.com/2vvhpqb

  • What problem? Hef isn't Bob Guccioni or the "Girls Gone Wild" guy, he's Hef! His magazine is actually known for more than just nudity and he actually helped advance women's rights in this country and around the world. Nudity doesn't equal porn anymore than dancing equals gay, ya know? It totally can see Gene Kelly admiring Hugh Hefner. I admire them both for different reasons.