DVD Beaver Reviews Singin’ in the Rain on Blu-Ray

OMG, Gene, you’re going to make me buy a Blu-ray player. (Screenshot from Blu-ray disc.)

DVD Beaver gives 5/5 stars to the new Singin’ in the Rain Blu-ray:

What a wonderful presentation this new Warner Blu-ray provides. Wow. Things tighten up from detail to the vibrancy of the colors and contrast has the more layered effect that we have come to expect from the 1080P format. There is a touch of depth and the grain is very fine. This is a success and fans will bathe in the image rendering on the dual-layered disc with a high bitrate. The deeper you look into the video the more advancement you see over the SD – smoother, brighter… livelier!

The 5.1 mix is solid via the DTS-HD Master at 2180 kbps with the musical numbers gaining a crisp edge. It adds another beneficial attribute to the viewing. Brilliant. There are optional DUBs and subtitles signifying and supporting the disc as being region FREE – playable on Blu-ray machines world wide.

Supplements include the old commentary and a new 2012, 50-minute, documentary entitled Singin’ in the Rain: Raining on a New Generation directed by Gary Leva . It has input from Paula Abdul, Rudy Behlmer Baz Luhrmann, Rob Marshall and others offering just accolades for the film. There is also a JukeBox feature to access the musical numbers and a 4-minute theatrical trailer.

Great price considering the immense value. I can’t wait to watch it again. Our highest recommendation.


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