100 Reasons to Celebrate Gene Kelly #2: His Understanding of Children

This entry is part 2 of 16 in the series Reasons to Celebrate Gene Kelly.

“Gene Kelly made my children laugh and feel loved by him (above, 1990). He took the time to do the little things that only matter to children. He had an instinctive understanding of them and they knew that he was genuine.

At the end of the black tie event from which this photo was taken, Gene got down on his knees on the ballroom floor to hug each one of my kids. Can you imagine that? In a tuxedo no less. We will always, always love Gene.

Happy Birthday, Gene, and thanks for being a child in your heart always!” — Cindy Millen Roberts


Further Reading

  • For more on Gene and his keen understanding of and love for children, see the “My Pals” page over at Gene Kelly: Creative Genius.
  • Also, take a few minutes to watch him interact with a gaggle of kids in the number “I Got Rhythm” from An American in Paris (1951). It’ll brighten your day; we promise!


I'm a fellow Gene Kelly fan.

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