An American in Paris: Inside the Script (Book)

An American in Paris: Inside the Script (from the Editors of Warner Bros)

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This highly illustrated eBook will have you moving in step with the incomparable movie musical starring Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron. From the script to 12 new chapters about the creation of the masterpiece, An American in Paris: Inside the Script gives lovers of the film a whole lot more to sing about.
Warner Bros. Digital Publishing proudly presents An American in Paris: Inside the Script, the definitive digital companion to the musical masterwork. Produced by the legendary Arthur Freed and directed by the equally legendary Vincente Minnelli, An American in Paris is a high watermark from Hollywood’s golden age of musicals. This Inside the Script edition pulls back the curtain to allow readers to embrace all the trials and talent it took to create this delightful combination of music, dance and love.
Every volume in the Inside the Script series offers sophisticated design and formatting not usually seen in eBooks. Zoom in on high-resolution images and examine every detail. Customize your reading experience using internal links that instantly take you from scene to stills, from act to analysis, from dialogue to production memos. Use the Image Catalog to quickly locate any picture in the book. S’ Wonderful!
An American in Paris: Inside the Script includes:
  • The complete, authentically formatted shooting script for An American in Paris, in a new, customizable eBook format.
  • 12 chapters of essays on the film and the story of its creation, including an in-depth look at the making of the film’s breathtaking Impressionist and Post-Impressionist inspired 17-minute dream ballet sequence.
  • Reproductions of key historical documents including tickets to the film’s Hollywood premiere, detailed descriptions and lyrics from the continuity script’s musical numbers and set design paintings.
  • Photo galleries with 159 zoomable, high-resolution images of paintings that inspired the ballet, costumes, on-set stills, movie posters and behind-the-scenes action.
  • Glossaries of historical and film terms.
  • Production timeline.

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