Why Do You Cycle?

“Why did you start cycling?” this Bicycling.Hub.com blog post asks. Here’s one woman’s response:

“In August 2008, I was 240 pounds and dreadfully out of shape. It didn’t really bother me though until I watched a marathon of Gene Kelly movies. I was in absolute awe of how fit the man was at the same age I was, and disgusted at the fact I could barely waddle across the room. A few months later, a co-worker died of a weight-related issue, and I realized I could be joining her if I didn’t do something.

I somehow mounted the stationary bike (darn Wisconsin winter) and stuck with it five days a week until spring, when I remembered my broken 1993 Trek mountain bike sitting sadly in the corner. Turns out it just needed a tune-up. I did everything wrong that first ride (got my pants caught in the sprocket) and couldn’t make it up the baby hill. But again, I pedalled on, and was soon doing 15 miles several times a week, ending with 900 miles in 2009. In March of this year I was diagnosed with diabetes, and found out how important exercise is to managing the disease. Biking has become essential to staying healthy. Training for two half-marathons brought my mileage down a little to 700 this year, but I still rode 40 miles for 40 years, and made it up two monster hills in my area. I now weigh 170, feel fabulous, and am determined to keep pedaling (hopefully on a new cross-bike!)” ~Patty G.

Thanks to Sue, who maintains the site Gene Kelly: Creative Genius, for bringing this inspirational story to our attention!


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