TCM: Private Screenings and Liza Minnelli

TCM’s Private Screenings: Liza Minnelli” aired on Saturday, December 11, and Tuesday, December 14, so this post is a bit outdated. But fortunately, the classic movie network often repeats its programming, so hopefully you can catch the interview another time.

Briefly, over the course of 45 minutes, Minnelli discusses growing up in Hollywood, citing MGM as her playground and Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, and other musical stars as her playmates. Also, especially cute is a story she recounts about Gene Kelly and a Halloween when, as a child, she dressed as a witch. Finally, as I tweeted while watching the interview, Minnelli distinguishes between the dancing styles of Kelly and Astaire: “When Gene danced you knew it was a great number. When Fred danced you thought he was making it up on the spot.”

Here’s part of the “Gene Kelly section” of the interview. Thanks to sparkyaim for posting it on the Gene Kelly Forum.


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