Mr. Peanut and “the New Retro”

Kaplow reports: In a New York Times article, Kraft is slated to unveil a re-imagined Mr. Peanut for Planters Peanuts. Gone is the familiar yellow illustration and in its place is an animated, talking (voiced by Robert Downey Jr.) dapper Mr. Peanut. The attempt to revitalize the brand with a new twist on a classic is what researchers are calling “new retro.” The concept hinges on the prospect of consumers’ nostalgia while treading the line of “old school” lightly. […] Yet another recent example is Volkswagon’s re-imagination of the classic “Singin’ In The Rain” scene to the tune of a re-mixed Gene Kelly. It is perhaps the best representation of “new retro” where this generation is introduced to something that is simply — classic.

Yeah, some of us beg to differ…


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