Gene Kelly in My Life As a Mankiewicz: An Insider’s Journey Through Hollywood

In his memoir My Life As a Mankiewicz: An Insider’s Journey Through HollywoodTom Mankiewicz devotes a few pages to Gene Kelly.

Embedded below as a PDF, the first instance discusses (no surprises here) Kelly’s competitive spirit and hairpieces. Perhaps the most amusing part:

He had three different toupees made for him. One was quite modest, his “I’m just sitting around with friends” toupee. The next was slightly fuller, his “I’m going into Beverly Hills or having lunch in a public place” toupee. Finally, there was what I call the “Looms of Mohawk” rug. That fuller-than-full toupee was reserved for awards ceremonies or television appearances and made him look twenty years old.

And embedded below the PDF, the second Gene Kelly reference in Mankiewicz’ memoir is devoted to a more somber occasion: Kelly, Fred Astaire, and others convene at Robert Wagner‘s home after the death of Natalie Wood (1981).

On Gene Kelly

On the Occasion of Natalie Wood’s (Mysterious) Death


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