Glee, Gene Kelly, and Foreplay

The primary argument of Vanity Fair‘s post The Gay Guide to Glee, Season 2 Episode 7: “The Substitute” is that the episode “made the seminal error of focusing on the adults at the expense of the kids, rooted its up-aged storylines on another celebrity cameo, and amped things up to grotesque Sarah Palin levels of bombast,” but despite all of that, the author argues, “some of it kind of worked.”

Buried within this critique, however, is this question, which follows a quick rant about Will’s apparently out-of-control libido:

“And since when are Gene Kelly, rectal thermometers, and Vicks VapoRub appropriate forms of foreplay?”

While we at Gene Kelly Fans would certainly agree with the part about thermometers and menthol-rubbing (yuck!), we politely beg to differ about the “Gene Kelly” part. =)


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