Jumpin’ in the Rain (artwork)

I found this on deviantART by the amazingly talented chimaera-stormhawk through the @GeneKellyFans twitter account, who found it through @eliz8726.

Amazing watercolor work.  Check out their description:

I’ve been working on this picture on and off for a while now, but finally finished it in time for the contest at #TheBandWagon

Last August was a difficult time for me and my family, we had a very good friend die, whom we considered practically family, and it’s been a big fiasco.

His widow has been through a rough time in the past several months because she feels she’s “lost her muchness” since he’s gone, and has decided to get some new ‘happy’ artwork.

This is my contribution to her new interior designs – Whenever I would spend the night over their house, she would wake me up (at 7am on a saturday) singing this song, so it reminds me of her. :D

Nevermind the lines, they are straight, but the paper is a little warped, it being a watercolor and all.

See their dA page for the full size.


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