Top Posts of 2010: Scars, Stars, Sex, Satire, Students, and Social Networking

According to my blog stats, these are Unmuzzled Thoughts‘s 20 most visited posts of 2010. They are listed in order, #1 scoring the most hits this year.

Looking at the posts collectively, I realize that some are not my favorite, some I should’ve worded differently, and some arguably should not have received as many hits as they did (e.g., “Weird Ohio”?!). However, together they do represent a nice spectrum of what this blog aims to do: 1) comment on the occasionally frustrating but always fascinating world of academia, and 2) critically examine trends, ideas, and themes in popular culture.

As always, many, many thanks to the thousands of readers who’ve read, commented, debated, and reblogged/retweeted my words. Until next year!

  1. Why I Don’t Take Attendance
  2. Messages from Six Feet Under
  3. Adam Lambert, Going Hetero
  4. Stars and Scars
  5. Elation, Star Signification, and Singin’ in the Rain; or Why Gene Kelly Gets Me All Hot and Bothered
  6. Casablanca on the Big Screen
  7. Lost’s Finale: Noooooooo, Not the Dog!
  8. Boyz n the Hood, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Hollywood Dads
  9. A Few Media Matters: Miss America, Misogyny, and Rush Limbaugh
  10. True Grit: Give Me A Different Ending and Some Freakin’ Contractions
  11. Double Indemnity vs. Body Heat: A Sexy Showdown
  12. We’re All Winners and It’s Mister Rogers’s Fault: Pew Research, The Millennials, and the Classroom
  13. Teaching Seinfeld
  14. Twitter and Facebook in the College Classroom
  15. ’80s Remakes: Will Gen X Buy It?
  16. Entering a Conversation, Teaching The Academic Essay
  17. Shutter Island: Subtlety and Solace in a Small Dose (5% to Be Exact)
  18. Weird Ohio
  19. Satire and the Educated Elite in The Daily Show and The Colbert Report
  20. The Paradox of Pixar: Threatening Representations of Technology in Some Pixar Films


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