“I kinda want to make shameless, dirty love to Gene Kelly.”

A guest post on The Film Experience, “Make Me Watch a Musical!: Singin’ in the Rain” is an hilarious account of Jason Adams’s first-time viewing of Singin’ in the Rain.

Adams, who blogs at My New Plaid Pants, begins his review harshly, calling arguably the Greatest Film Musical Ever Made “two hours of shameless mugging and buffoonery.” Don’t fret though: he’s only kidding. Within moments, Adams admits that Singin’ in the Rain (as most of us already know) is “an absolute pleasure, a joy, to watch.” In fact, he continues, he “kinda wanted to make shameless, dirty love to Gene Kelly. What a pip!” Enjoy the rest, and beware the photoshopped Kathy Selden — she’s kinda creepy.

PS. Thanks to Two Little Words‘s #genekelly Tumblr tag for alerting of this hilarity.


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