Memories of Betsy

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Upon hearing of Betsy Blair’s death in 2009, Donna Pointkouski wrote “I Remember Betsy,” in which she recalls her memories of meeting, conversing, and ultimately forming a friendship with Blair, Gene Kelly’s first wife. Here’s an excerpt:

I didn’t ask questions as if I was interviewing her; we merely conversed.  She understood that I admired the man who had once not only been a Hollywood star, but also the love of her life, and it was almost as if our mutual (if different) love for Gene bonded us together for that brief time.  We talked about many things over the course of an hour, including the old studio system for making movies, her current work, movies today, Gene’s widow, Stanley Donen, and Gene’s reputation as a perfectionist.

Donna’s the creator and moderator of The Gene Scene.


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