Calling All Knowledgable Gene Fans…

We’ve begun a series called “Gene Kelly: The Basics,” which answers some of the questions new Gene fans frequently ask. We’d love for some of you long-time GK admirers to pen/publish a post or two (roughly 200-300 words), if you have the time.

Here’s the list of questions so far. We’ll add more as we think of them…


  1. How did Gene start dancing?
  2. How did Gene get into show business?
  3. What is “The Game”?
  4. Did Gene direct any films?
  5. Did Gene ever perform on television?
  6. How did Gene get that scar?
  7. Was there really milk in Singin’ in the Rain?
  8. What awards did Gene receive for his work?
  9. Where did Gene live while he worked in Hollywood?
  10. Did Gene star in any non-musical pictures?
  11. Why is Gene so fascinated with France?
  12. When did Gene die?

In the Queue

  1. Was Gene religious? (Jennifer)
  2. Where did Gene go to college? (Debra)
  3. Whom did Gene marry? (Courtney)
  4. Did Gene have any children? (Courtney)
  5. How much did Gene’s Irish heritage play a role in his life? (Cindy)


  1. What was Gene’s early family life like?
  2. What were some of Gene’s favorite books?
  3. Did Paula Abdul really have a relationship with Gene?
  4. When did Gene stop making movies?
  5. Gene survived a house fire?
  6. How did Gene lean/think politically?
  7. What did Gene think of the dancing/dancers after his heydey (1970s, ’80s, ’90s)?

Give us a shout if there’s a question you’d like to tackle, or if there’s something you’d like to see answered! Thanks.


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  • Mer

    Here's a link to the post I did in February covering the ineffable quality of his loveliness…… But actual facts, though? 😉 I think I'd like to cover 13. Because I love France, too, though probably I'll never see it.

    • sparkyaim

      Loved your post! Well stated.

      • Jennifer

        Hi Sparky! You should write one of these.

    • You want to republish it here, directing it back to your "Today's Love" archive?

      • Mer

        Feeling slightly dim, how best would I do that?

  • Jennifer Welsh

    I want to do The Game! Save it for me. I've actually written a piece of fiction anout it; it fascinates me.

  • Kala Lewis (@TheDork

    I can take Where did Gene live while he worked in Hollywood? 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Kelli, I'll take "Was Gene religious?" if no one else wants it.

    • Sure, have at it!