A Fan Comes Face to Face with Gene Kelly

Over at Dirty and Thirty, Celeste Donohue reminisces about the time she encountered Gene Kelly. Here’s a taste:

So there we are, driving around, map in hand and as we started to drive down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills I said, “OMG, Gene Kelly lives on this street!” (back then I actually said “Oh my God”, not OMG, but now OMG is all you need). I’m looking at the map as we continued down the street and said, “THERE IT IS, THAT’S HIS HOUSE! Pull over, I have to take a picture.” We parked a little bit past his house and there I am hanging out of the passenger side with my camera like an idiot tourist, and I no sooner snapped the picture when Gene Kelly and his wife walk out the front door of the house! Holy shit, I thought I was gonna pass out I was so excited. [More…]


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